Warning from Experts : Obesity in people under 40 years old having high risk of cancers

According to Experts, 28.000 people have been diagnosed with cancers, in which 9761 are related to obesity, accounting of 35%. 


A warning for overweight people who are under 40 year-old to be careful with cancers


This article published on channel Life Times (China) with warning from science experts that overweight, obesity in people who are under 40 year-old having been linked to an increased risk of many different types of cancers compared to normal weight people. As known, obesity is seen as a risk factor to many types of cancers.


A latest research study from a group of Professor Stern in Bergen University, Norway for cancer risks on overweight and obesity people over the world has shown that there is an intimate relation between obesity and cancer. 


It is added that timing and different level of aging also reflect differently. Study results have shown that middle-aged people (before 40 year-old) of overweight or obesity having high risk and high rate of cancers.



This research was conducted in a long duration progress with large scale of study. After 42 years, the research group continued to conduct a following survey on 221,000 people in three European countries and six areas in Norway, Sweden and Austria.


The research group have monitored height and weight among participants as well as using many methods of calculation their body BMI in combination with the national data of cancer patients for the purpose of analysis. Các nhà nghiên cứu đã theo dõi chiều cao và cân nặng của những người tham gia và sử dụng nhiều phương pháp để tính toán chỉ số khối cơ thể của họ, kết hợp với thông tin đăng ký bệnh nhân ung thư quốc gia để phân tích.


During the research study, it is found out that among 28,000 people with diagnosed cancer, 9,761 people in there were relating to obesity which took up 35%. The more body BMI passing too soon level of 30, the higher risk of cancer is.


In details, among the overweight or obesity people (who having BMI over than 25) before age of 40, an increase of 70% in woman with risk of endoometriosis cancer, 58% in man with danger of Renal Cell Carcinoma (RCC) and an increase of 29% with colon cancer risk. In addition, those people would be facing with 15% increase rate of other types of cancers though.  


In conclusion, scientists have stated that obesity nowadays becomes a global issue and this study aims to provide a more practical to strategic solutions that can help prevention of obesity and reduction of cancer risks.


* Life Time

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